Payout Structure

Offershub advanced feature that can help you manage your affiliates and sub-affiliates payouts according to various parameters such as 

  1. Country
  2. Device
  3. Platform/OS
  4. Offer URL
  5. Source
  6. Aff sub IDs
  7. Advertiser sub IDs.

How Payout Structure can be helpful in the above scenario?

Step 1 – Go to Manage Offers and select any offer for which you want a structural payout.

Step 2 – In the left menu bar you can see the Payout Structure. Click on it.

Step 3 – Click on Add New Structure. Now, you can create your structure here. You can add a structure name and description of the structure in the beginning. Let’s suppose China traffic.

Step 4 – In Applicable Affiliates, you can add the affiliates to which you want to apply this structure. You can create multiple payout groups, accommodating over 10 specifications like Country, Device, Platform/OS, etc. For suppose in the above example you can put a rule for the Country and another rule for Platform/OS.

Step 5 – You can set the priority of the group so that the rule will act accordingly. You can also select the status of the group as enabled or disabled.

Step 6 –  You have the option to keep this structure hidden from affiliates. Just select hidden in the Visibility option. If your offer contains different events it will be shown over here too and you can keep the payouts different for each and every event.

You can also add events and payouts for each events differently in these payout structures. This will be helpful if there are few number of Geos with different payouts. In case you want to add many geos and payouts you can read Bulk Upload Payouts With Multiple Geos. 

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