Generate Click and Postback Tracking URLs/Pixels

It is really simple to generate Click and Postback tracking URLs/Pixels using few quick steps as mentioned below;

Click Tracking

Click tracking URL is what you share with your publishers/affiliates in order to get traffic to your offers. It is offer specific and mandatory to pass affiliate ID and offer ID with the URL parameters in order to generate a valid click and redirect to advertiser’s landing URL. You can generate click tracking URLs by following the steps below.;

  1. Go to the offer you want to generate the click tracking urls for
  2. Click on “Tracking Codes”
  3. From the dropdown list, Select an affiliate. Once you do that, URL field will be automatically updated with parameters.

Click Tracking

Add URL Parameters

Other than the required parameters (‘aff_id’ and ‘offer_id)’, you can add additional parameters to your tracking URL which allow your affiliates to pass additional data to your system. For example, your affiliate can use “source” parameter to pass their sub affiliate IDs or traffic source names, so you and your affiliate can filter  and see reports with those values. If your affiliate want to pass their click id to us, they can use “aff_click_id” parameter. If your advertiser asked you to send Google ad id to them, you can ask your affiliate pass it with “google_aid” parameter. Likewise, OffersHub do support a big range of additional URL parameters. Please visit our Click Tracking URL Parameters page for the full list.

Impression Tracking Pixel

You can use this pixel to track the number of times the banner has been shown to the user etc.
You can use this pixel by placing it along with the banner.

Postback Tracking

Postback tracking URL/Pixel is what you share with your advertiser in order to receive postback notifications to your system from theirs. OffersHub supports several types of postback tracking protocols as below;

  • Server Postback (S2S) URL [Recommended]

Server postback URL is a URL you can obtain from your OffersHub dashboard which you can use to share with your advertiser to setup it on their servers/dashboard. This is the most popular and most secure way to receive postback from your advertiser. It’s required to pass click id we pass to your advertiser back to us using “clickid” parameter with postback URL in order to record a valid conversion.

In some cases, if your advertiser not support S2S postback option, you can use one of a method below. You can share the HTML code generated from one of these methods with your advertisers to include them in their web pages or apps.

  • iFrame Pixel
  • HTTPS iFrame Pixel
  • HTTP Image Pixel
  • HTTPS Image Pixel

Generating a postback URL. 

  1. Go to the offer you want to generate the postback tracking urls for
  2. Click on “Tracking Codes”
  3. Open “Advertiser Postback Tracking” tab

Postback Tracking URL Parameters

If you’re using S2S postback URL, it’s mandatory to pass “clickid” parameter with every postback. If the offer type is CPS (Cost per sale), then it’s mandatory to pass both “clickid” and “amount” parameters.  Other than that there’s a bunch of optional parameters available to use depending on your use case. Please see “Postback URL Parameters” for a list of available parameters.

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