Advanced Offer Targeting

OffersHub advanced offer targeting allows you to define number of options as campaign targeting rules. Those rules will help you to filter unwanted traffic and inform your publishers that what kind of traffic your campaign is looking for. For example, You can define supported countries in the country targeting, so the tracking system will filter out all the traffic that coming from unsupported countries  and your publisher will also know from which countries traffic they need to target. 

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting

In Geo targeting, you can define campaign supported or unsupported countries, regions/states and cities. OffersHub will block all the unsupported geo’s  traffic coming to this campaign.

Device & Platform Targeting

If your campaign targeting traffic/users from specific devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet, smart tvs, etc, you can define those here. You can also define which platforms (Eg: Android, iOS, windows..) are targeting with platform targeting option.

Browser Targeting

In browser targeting, you can define which mobile or desktop browsers` users are targeted to specific campaign.

Network/Carrier Targeting

In network targeting, you can define which network types (Eg mobile data, WiFI, DSL..) are targeting and If you targeting specific Carriers/ISPs/Mobile Networks, you can define those in carrier targeting. Make sure to select campaign supported countries before define carrier targeting, so system can show the list of carriers from those countries to select. OffersHub will filter out all the traffic comes from unsupported carriers automatically.

IP Filtering

With IP filtering options, you can block or allow traffic to your campaign from list of IPs or IP blocks. You can define up to 100 IPs or IP blocks here.

Traffic Conditions

In some cases, your advertisers might inform you to not to send traffic to their campaigns from social networks ads or pop up ads.  In some cases, you advertisers will ask you to send traffic from some sources only, for example insent traffic in one of those. In such cases you can define those traffic criterias in traffic conditions. So you publishers know which users they need to target and which no to.

Demographic Targeting

With demographic targeting you can define what kind of audience is targeting such as by age groups or gender.

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