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Clickless tracking with promo code support helps to track social media influencers. You can give a promo code to people and they can share the promo code on their social media channels. And when someone use that promo code to signup, we can track that conversion.

Promo codes are a method for attributing conversions to an affiliate without requiring a tracking link to be clicked by the end user. This feature opens up additional marketing channels for your program such as podcasts and influencers.

A Simple Use Case

Let’s say you want to promote your product using a post on Instagram, YouTube series or with an influencer that is popular with users in your desired demographic. Simply add them as an affiliate in your OffersHub platform and create a promo code for the offer you want them to promote. Now the host or influencer can read your ad, direct users to your website, and instruct them to enter the given promo code at checkout. All conversions using this promo code will now be attributed to that affiliate without requiring link tracking.

Creating a Promo Code

You can go to the Offers Tab then click on Manage Offers, then click the offer you’d like to work with. On the offer detail page, click Promo Codes in the left side panel. Then you’ll be redirected to the Offer Promo Codes page that looks like the screenshot below.

promo code

Once you are in the Offer Promo Codes Page as shown above you can click the “Add Promo Code” in the right top corner in green. Then a new window will pop out as shown below.

add promo code

In the window that appears, enter your desired text in the Promo Code field. Next, choose the Partner you want to receive credit for the conversions. Click Create to save the promo code. (Note once you’ve added a promo code, you can’t edit or delete it. ALso you can’t change the affiliate account attached with it)

Disabling a Promo Code

To disable a promo code, you can click the Disable icon in the action column.

Re-enabling a Promo Code

To re-enable a promo code that has been disabled, select “Show Disabled Only” from the drop that would say “Show Active Only” and then you can see all the disabled promo codes. Refer the screenshot below.

promo disable

Tracking Conversions with Promo Codes

To track a conversion using a promo code, simply apply the ‘promo_code’ parameter to the end of your conversion link followed by the promo code. This method is compatible with server postback offers as well as pixel offers.

Here is an example server postback conversion link with promo code (demopromo) appended:

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