Platform Basic HowTo’s

Learn the basics of how to become a pro and be comfortable with OffersHub, in just few steps.

Offers and Tracking

How to create an offer?

Take it step by step, from entering offer details to testing your conversion link.

How to create an Offer

How to generate tracking URLs

You can store additional information as parameters in the tracking links.

Generate Click and Postback Tracking URLs/Pixels

Give more conversion data to affiliates

Set up partner-facing pixel codes and postback URLs.

Affiliate Conversion Links

Budget friendly solution

Set offer caps to limit conversions, payouts, or revenues on any given offer.

Creating URLs

Dynamically send & receive measurement data

Learn to implement parameters & macros appropriately in OffersHub.

How Parameters & Macros Work

A full List of available parameters.

Macros & Parameters

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