Adjust Statics

With OffersHubs “Adjust Statistics” tool, you and your team can easily edit stats in your network such as clicks, conversions.  With this tool you can add or remove any measurement, and adjust the payouts accordingly.

Adjusting Clicks/ Conversions

Clicks/ Conversion can be added in bulk by using this tool. You can specifically mention how many clicks or conversions you want to add or remove in here.

First step to adjust clicks or conversions is to specify the date, offer, and if your offer has any goals/ events then you also have to select the appropriate goal you want to adjust the stats for. Then you can enter the number of conversions/ clicks you need to add or remove. Then you can click “Next” button at the bottom which will take you to the “Review” page, once you have reviewed all the fields are correct, then you can click “Confirm” button at the bottom. And you’ll get a message on your right side upper corner which would display “Action Completed!”.

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