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As publishers often use creatives in their campaigns to promote their offers, “Creative Files” play an important part of any offer. Providing a robust set of creatives to partners generally improves an offer’s performance.  Also having promptly accessible creatives brings down the barrier to entry for publishers to get their offers running on their campaigns.

Our platform provides you with all the framework for you and your publishers to store image banners, HTML ads, text links, XML feeds and email creatives within your network. Also you can upload and have non-standard creatives available, along with offer thumbnails and hidden assets.

To start using this feature you can go to Offers > Creative Manager

Creative File Types

Below you can see all the creative file types we support to promote your offers.

Image Banners

Image banners are the most common creative files on the internet, and are also known as display banners. These image files must be in one of the following formats: *.gif *.jpg, *.jpeg, or *.png. Creative codes can be generated for these images.
Image Banners →


Now you can add in custom creative code and upload any supporting images to be added in the HTML code with HTML ads. You will need to specify the height and width. This is the best option if you are hosting your banner creatives outside OffersHub.
HTML Creatives →

Email Creatives

Similar to HTML ads, email creatives are used to display custom HTML code with the goal to be displayed in an email newsletter. The main difference between email and standard HTML creatives is the email creative requires an unsubscribe link at the bottom, and there are no dimensions set.
Email Creatives →

This is a standard HTML anchor tag that contains simple call-to-action text. You insert the {tracking_link} macro in the anchor tag to generate tracking links for publishers.
Text Links →

XML Feeds

This creative is a fast way to take a syndicated list of products listed in an XML formatted file and swap out their item page URLs with publisher tracking links for the publisher.
XML Feeds →

Offer Thumbnails

A simple picture that is shown in the list of offers and inside the offer page. This is not an asset publishers use to promote an offer. It is only to be shown in your network.

Other Files

A file that isn’t one of the other image or rich media formats. Files will be listed at the bottom of offer view pages in the Offer Files panel only. Creative code will not be generated for these files. An example of other files would be a .zip file with multiple creatives, or an install-able application (.exe/.dmg).

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