Advertiser Postback URL Parameter List

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20th July 2017Document Created
23th August 2017key’ renamed into ‘adv_key’
25th August 2017Add attribution tracking parameters 
16th September 2017‘sale_amount’ renamed to ‘amount’
Network Base Postback URL
Example postback url: GET

Latest Parameter List

clickidClick/Transaction IDYes
network_idID of the affiliate network. Ex: avazuRequired if using Global postback
goal_idIn App Event/Goal Id.Optional
event_idAlias for goal id: In App Event Id.Optional
target_idOffer Target IdOptional
adv_idAdvertiser IDOptional
adv_keyAdvertiser Security KeyOptional
amountSale AmountRequired for CPS campaigns
revenueRevenue for conversion. Works only if dynamic payouts allowed for offer and must pass with `payout` parameter. Optional
payout Affiliate payout for conversion. Works only if dynamic payouts enabled and must pass with `revenue` parameter.  Optional
adv_sub1Advertiser Sub ID 1Optional
adv_sub2Advertiser Sub ID 2Optional
adv_sub3Advertiser Sub ID 3Optional
adv_sub4Advertiser Sub ID 4Optional
adv_sub5Advertiser Sub ID 5Optional
country_codeISO Alpha-2 Country codeOptional
dateInstall/Event DateOptional
datetimeInstall/Event TimeOptional
device_idDevice IDOptional
creative_idCreative/banner idOptional
android_idAndroid device IDOptional
android_id_md5MD5 encrypted Android device IDOptional
android_id_sha1Sha1 encrypted Android device IDOptional
google_aidGoogle advertising IDOptional
google_aid_md5MD5 encrypted Google advertising IDOptional
google_aid_sha1Sha1 encrypted Google advertising IDOptional
windows_aidWindows advertising idOptional
windows_aid_md5MD5 encrypted Windows advertising idOptional
windows_aid_sha1Sha1 encrypted Windows advertising idOptional
device_brandDevice brand (Ex: Samsung, Apple)Optional
device_modelDevice Model Optional
osDevice OSOptional
os_versionDevice OS VersionOptional
ios_ifaApple Identifier for AdvertiserOptional
ios_ifvApple Identifier for VendorsOptional
mac_addressDevice Mac AddressOptional
odinOdin IdOptional
mobile_networkMobile network careerOptional
user_idCustom User idOptional
latitudeUser location latitude when conversion/event happens.Optional
longitudeUser location longitude  when conversion/event happens.Optional

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