Click Tracking URL Paramaters

Change Log

Revision History
20th July 2017Add Geo Location Support  {latitude}, {longitude} parameters.

29th November 2017Added url_id parameter

Latest Parameters List

aff_idrequiredAffiliate ID
offer_idrequiredOffer ID
sourceoptionalSource ID, Max 20 Characters
url_idoptionalOffer URL / Landing Page ID. Set value ‘random’ to redirect into a random landing page.
aff_sub1optionalAffiliate sub id 1
aff_sub2optionalAffiliate sub id 2
aff_sub3optionalAffiliate sub id 3
aff_sub4optionalAffiliate sub id 4
aff_sub5optionalAffiliate sub id 5
android_idoptionalAndroid device ID
android_id_md5optionalMD5 encrypted Android device ID
android_id_sha1optionalSha1 encrypted Android device ID
google_aidoptionalGoogle advertising id
google_aid_md5optionalMD5 encrypted Google advertising id
google_aid_sha1optionalSha1 encrypted Google advertising id
ios_ifaoptionalApple Identifier for Advertiser
ios_ifa_md5optionalMD5 encoded Apple Identifier for Advertiser
ios_ifa_sha1optionalsha1 encoded Apple Identifier for Advertiser
ios_ifvoptionalApple Identifier for Vendors
windows_aidoptionalWindows advertising id
windows_aid_md5optionalMD5 encrypted Windows advertising id
windows_aid_sha1optionalSha1 encrypted Windows advertising id
latitudeoptionalUser geolocation latitude
longitudeoptionalUser geolocation longitude
user_idoptionalCustom User ID
urloptionalDeep linking redirect url. Must be URL encoded
creative_idoptionalCreative/Banner ID

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