Manage Publisher Permissions

Publisher permissions listed below can be easily restricted or allowed by just a toggle on a button for the respective field using the steps given below, Affiliates > Manage Affiliates Select /click on the Affiliate that you want restrict or allow permissions to Click on “Permissions”  Now you can toggle the permission you want to …

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Setting up Custom Payouts & Caps

If you want to pay a publisher some specific payout amount for some specific offer rather than offer default payout or you want to add some publisher specific offer caps, you can do that with OffersHub. You can set custom payouts and caps for publishers by following the steps below, Affiliates > Manage Affiliates Select …

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Create a Publisher/Affiliate Account

You can create an affiliate account by going to, Going to Affiliates > Manage Affiliates Click on “Create Affiliate”  Fill in the information of the affiliate such as: Company Details, User Details. Company: Name of this publisher in your platform. Used in reporting and when displaying the publisher name throughout the platform. Address: Street address …

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Export Offers

In case if you need to export an offer/ many or all the offers, you can simply select the offers you want to export and click on the small “Export button” right below the import/ create offer menu as shown below. 

Offer Events/Goals

Let’s say you’re promoting an android app campaign given by your advertiser. You will be paid for every new app installation by your advertiser and also another amount again when a new user signs up and again when they make an in app purchase. Say we call these steps as events. So we can list …

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Manage Offer Landing Pages

You can manage offer landing pages by adding more than one landing page for your offer. Once you are done creating an offer you can follow these steps, Select the offer you want to add more Landing pages to from “Manage Offers” Click on “Offer URLs” Then you can click on “Add URL” (Green box …

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Offer Access Control

OffersHubs offer access control supports 3 types of offer visibility settings. They’re public, required approval and private.  Public Offers If an offer visibility if ‘public’, all the affiliates can see the offer in their dashboards and send traffic. If you want to hide these types of offers from specific affiliate or want to block traffic …

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Block Affiliates/Sub Affiliate

Sometimes you may want to block all the traffic getting to a specific offer from some affiliates who send fraudulent or low quality traffic. In that case, you can use block affiliate/sub affiliates feature to block those. Other than that, you can also block traffic from sub affiliates (source id) or other click url parameter …

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Offer Payout Groups

Sometimes simple, flat payout and revenue amounts may not be enough for you for some offers. What if you got to pay different payout amount by different countries, different devices, different affiliates or sub affiliates? In such cases you can use offer payout groups to define such amounts.  Let’s say you’ve an offer which looking …

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Import Offers From File

Sometimes you may get into a situation that you want to create multiple offers at the same time (10 or 50 may be?). In such situations, filling and submitting the offer creation form on dashboard can become so time consuming and  boring. That’s why we have this “Import Offers From File” option for you. Simply …

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